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Carvico Lifestyle has rewritten the basic concepts of the future of interior design through its innovative performance fabrics:


Carvico fabrics for furniture offer interior design new and diverse possibilities and, thanks to their technical and aesthetical features, are ideal both for indoor and outdoor solutionsStretch fabrics and high-tech surfaces can satisfy the requirements of  international interior designersbuyers and trendsetters wishing to express their creativity and tell about different life-styles through the use of high performance materials, countless colors and printing combinations.


Convertible, smart and multifunctional, the innovative fabrics for furniture and design by Carvico have been inspired by the latest interior design trends and translate technical performance into  patterns and styles, blending good taste and functionality with Made in Italy quality and excellence.

Limitless textures and nuances 

The color range of our fabrics for design is extremely rich: fascinating solid colors and eclectic printing patterns, classic and contemporary shades, and the opportunity to create on demand, bespoke colors and patterns. Textures  are also innumerable and comprise glossy and matt surfaces, delicate and refined effects contrasting with bolder and energetic ones, velvets and peachy fabrics.


The Lifestyle collection also comprises several  eco-sustainable fabrics made of a regenerated polyamide yarn from pre and post consumer waste materials which, once reached the end of their life cycle (ghost fishing nets, carpet fluff, tulle etc.), instead of being disposed of at the landfill are recovered  and regenerated through a complex physical-chemical process. This is how ECONYL® polyamide yarn, with which we produce our high quality fabrics, was born.

The future of furniture fabrics

The fabrics for forniture by Carvico offer various possibilities for interior design and, thanks to their high tech performance and amazing aesthetical appeal, they are ideal both for indoor applications and semi indoor ones, such as SPAs, and wellness centers. 

Elasticity and hyper-technological textures have been conceived to satisfy the needs of international interior designersbuyers and trendsetter wishing to express their creativity and tell about different lifestyles through high performance materials, countless colors and limitless printed patterns.

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